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Built-in Central Vacuum Flo systems represent the absolute best solution available to vacuum your home and business.  Watch our presentation below to see the latest innovations in Central Vacuum Flo systems available today.


“No other vacuum cleaner removes more dust and odor from the air you breath than a central vacuum system!  No other vacuum cleaner outperforms a properly installed central vacuum system at removing dirt from your hard floors and carpets!  If you are serous about cleaning your home, you need to consider a built-in central vacuum cleaning system.”
A & A Vacuum Mart of Mobile and Fairhope Alabama have been installing and servicing Central Vacuum Cleaner Systems longer than anyone else in Southern Alabama.  Whether you need your existing system serviced, upgraded or repaired, A & A Vacuum Mart is the Central Vacuum Expert.  If you are considering installing a Central Vacuum System in your new or existing home, you can count on A & A Vacuum Mart for installation design, advice and project management.  We install Central Vacuum Systems for home and business use and have a system for every need and budget.  Visit one of our conveniently located showrooms in Mobile or Fairhope Alabama to get a
HANDS ON DEMONSTRATION of the many advantages of using a Central Vacuum System Today.

How do Central Vacuum Systems compare to conventional vacuum cleaners?


Dust Containment


Exhaust Odor Mitigation


Noise Level


Cleaning Power

A properly installed central vacuum system exhausts 100% of of dust and contamination outside of your home.  This is because the more powerful suction motor that pulls in the dirty air from your floors and carpets is located outside of the home during operation, unlike standard vacuums which, even though filtered, exhaust dirty air that has been fulled through dirt, back into the very room that you are vacuuming.
As with dust, 100% of the odor associated with vacuum cleaning your home is expelled outside of the living area of your home.  You will never smell and contamination that has been picked up with central vacuum system, no matter how sensitive your nose.  Imagine never smelling the scent of pets or allergens again while vacuuming your home.
Even though a central vacuum system is considerably more powerful than a standard household vacuum cleaning system, the noise that you will hear during use is 80 – 100% quieter than any other vacuum you have ever used.  Having the power unit located outside of your home (usually in the garage) is even more beneficial than expelling dust and odors.
A & A Vacuum Mart has measured central vacuums at more than five times the power of any other vacuum system.  Having the power unit outside and mounted on a wall allows for  a considerably larger and more powerful suction motor to be used while offer the ease and convenience of only having to maneuver a lightweight hose inside your home to clean.

“In side-by-side comparisons, Central Vacuum Systems leave conventional vacuum cleaners in the dust.”

The Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System by A & A Vacuum Mart

The Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum System by A & A Vacuum Mart


“Before I saw the Hide A Hose system I wasn’t sure I was going to get a central vacuum system for my new house. I was tired of lugging a bulky hose from inlet to inlet, up and down the steps, and especially shoving it in a closet when I was done, but I knew a portable vacuum was even worse. The Hide A Hose system may be the coolest thing in my new home…”


Expert Central Vacuum Service Available by A & A Vacuum Mart

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1. To keep all scheduled appointments.
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3. To respect your property as if it were our own.
4. To provide you with the best product suited for your home.
5. To use only the latest and best practices in our industry.
6. To educate you on the proper use and care of your new central vacuum.

If you presently own a central vacuum and are experiencing trouble with the unit we can help.

Many times central vacuums are used for years without proper maintenance hindering the units overall performance and life expectancy. Several problems can be avoided by having your central vacuum inspected and serviced to ensure that your unit is operating at its peak performance. Some times a central vacuum will begin experiencing clogs in the system because of a poorly-maintained vacuum. The lack of air flow (due to an inferior installation) is the number one cause for most central vacuum problems. We can correct it.

Please contact us if you are in need of repairs or want to enhance your present central vacuum. We have the parts and accessories for most brands and can quickly repair or provide you with a properly working system that you’ll be happy to use.

We charge a minimal fee for service calls. This charge includes travel time, diagnosis and the first 30 minutes on site. There are additional charges for parts or additional time. You will be given a full detail of any additional costs before any work is completed.

David Lord

We offer parts, service and repairs on the following central vacuum cleaner systems:
Aggressor, AirVac, AstroVac, Beam, CanaVac, Centralux, Cirrus, CycloVac, Diry Devil, DrainVac, DuoVac, Dustcare, Electrolux, Eureka, Filtex, Hayden, Honeywell, MD, Nutone, Power Star, Pullman, PurVac, Riccar, Royal, Simplicity, Vacuflo, Valet and many others…