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COLUMBUS (John Matarese) — Everyone likes saving a few dollars when we make a purchase, but there are some things you should never skimp on. That’s because in our attempt to save a couple of bucks….you can end up with junk that you will soon regret buying.

There’s nothing like the thrill of landing a bargain on a pair of shoes or a new dress. But Consumer Reports Magazine’s “Shop Smart” lists a number of items you should never cheap out on.
They include:
House paint: A $10 can may require several coats to look good or hide what is underneath. A $40 can can cover well in one coat.

Beds: A $500 queen set could mean years of sleeping on lumpy springs.

Blu Ray players for less than $20: Fine if you dont mind buying a new one every year.

Vacuum Cleaners: A $50 vacuum cleans like a $50 vacuum according to Consumer Reports. Don’t expect Kirby or Dyson-like performance.

Fire extinguishers: When the kitchens on fire, do you want a $7 aerosol can or a real extinguisher? Pay another 25 bucks for the red one.

Camping Tents: Do you like rain driping on you while you sleep? Skip the cheapest one.

$79 Black Friday Tablets: Each holiday season, thousands of people buy them. 6 months later, many don’t work anymore.

A 15 year old, $1,000 used car for a teenager. If you can’t afford anything better than a dangerous old clunker, then don’t buy them a car.

Grilling Season Caution
And from the “Doesn’t that stink” file, shiny stainless steel barbecue grills for less than $150.
Many buyers end up saying “doesn’t that stink” by the second summer of use.
Consumer Reports says some will rust in a year. Others are so poorly made, their burners can turn into dangerous torches.
And most have such thin, cheap stainless steel, the hood starts to discolor after 3 or 4 uses. No amount of cleaner can fix that.
With many cheap items you are stuck: you can’t return a 2-year old grill. Cheap paint is cheap paint, and when you have to redo it you’ll wish you had spent a bit more.
That way you don’t waste your money.

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