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The Infinity Vacuum Program is an exclusive offering by A&A Vacuum Mart, and the two Finest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners today.

Riccar, (made in the USA) and Miele, German engineered and #1 in the latest leading Consumer magazine.

At A&A Vacuum Mart, we take the very best of what these two manufacturers produce, and we add the finest warranty as well as the most comprehensive service plan ever offered.

Simply put, When, you purchase one of the premium vacuum cleaners, you will not pay for anything else on these machines, (except for vacuum cleaning bags) for 10 YEARS!!!

The best part is, the price for each one of these vacuum cleaner models is less than Amazon’s price. So, Go ahead and Goggle them!

The Infinity Program is FREE with the following models:

(Over a $2000.00 value)

Riccar R40 Premium

The best cleaning upright available today!

Riccar Prima Tandem Air Premium

The best cleaning canister available today!

Miele Home Care Complete C3 Plus

Miele’s very best canister vacuum!

What’s included with the Infinty Vacuum Program :


FREE Repairs for 10 years (Average Repair is $75.00 x 10 = $750.00 Value)

FREE Annual Tune up for 10 years (Tune-up cost $39.95 x 10 = $400.00 Value)

FREE Annual filter replacement for 10 years (Tune-up cost $29.95 x 10 = $300.00 Value)

FREE Loaner Vacuum if necessary for 10 years – Not just any loaner vacuum, the exact same model as you purchased. (Priceless)

FREE Shampooer Rental for 10 years ( 2 Times a year) ($29.95 x 2/yr = $59.90 x 10 years = $600.00 Value)

FREE 10% OFF EVERY PURCHASE (laminated coupon) to put in your wallet for 10 years.

 (A $2050.00 value at no extra cost to A&A Vacuum Customers)

“A Vacuum Cleaner without an Infinity Program just sucks”