The Infinity Vacuum Program is an exclusive offering by A & A Vacuum Mart and included with the purchase of select premium vacuums at no additonal cost to you.  At A & A Vacuum we constantly stive to be the best.  As a locally owned and opperated family business, our customers’ satisfaction means everything.  This is why we came up with our innovative Infinity Program.  Our customers shop with A & A because we offer unmatched service and convenience.  Now, with the Infinity Vacuum Program, we’re taking customer service to the next level by offering an optional Premium Service Program that gives customers more.  The Infinity program takes a great vacuum and makes it even better.  If you are considering a premium vacuum cleaner purchase, make sure you’re getting Infinity service.

The Infinity Program is FREE with the following models:

(A $200.00 value at no extra cost to A & A Vacuum customers)

Riccar R40 Premium

The best cleaning upright available today!

Riccar Prima Tandem Air Premium

The best cleaning canister available today!

Miele Home Care Complete C3 Plus

Miele’s very best canister vacuum!

What’s included with the Infinty Vacuum Program :


FREE Repairs for 10 years

FREE Annual Tune up for 10 years

FREE Annual filter replacement for 10 years

FREE Loaner Vacuum if necessary for 10 years

FREE Shampooer Rental for 10 years ( 2 Times a year)

FREE 10% OFF EVERY PURCHASE coupon for 10 years


“A Vacuum Cleaner without an Infinity Program just sucks”